Age: 31

Profession: Personal Trainer & Psychology Grad Student

Offroad Experience: Beginner

Vehicle: 2018 Toyota 4Runner Off-Road

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Interests: Picking up heavy stuff and putting it back down. Mountain biking. Hockey. Archery & Bowhunting. Cooking. Traveling to new places.

I’m Alex. I first connected with this band of degenerates after spamming Josh with lewd emails and convincing him I’d be a great asset to the group, mostly for my high five skills. I met up with them at a brewery and the rest is history. I like exploring the outdoors in whatever way I can, and I’m relatively new to doing it through off-roading. You can find me with a crispy boy in hand, somewhere in the backcountry trying to get my rocks off… or my truck off of rocks, I forget which one.