Age: 39

Profession: Waste Water Operator / Small business owner

Offroad Experience: Varied off road experience/ feels comfortable on all terrain

Vehicle: 2007 Toyota Tacoma DCSB;

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Interests: Travel and meeting new people. Working on my truck. Climbing,skiing and rafting. Pit bulls and pew pews.

Favorite Spot: Utah; South of I-70

Hey, I'm August. I first joined NKB in December 2016. I've had 4x4 vehicles my entire life, and joining this group has helped me learn and teach techniques and tricks to continue the adventure. I've enjoyed our planned trips and spur of the moment weekend adventures, and as the club grows I look forward to bigger trips and more adventures. Not everything we do involves off-road or our rigs, whether it's baseball games, breweries or concerts, we always have fun.

Future plans include expanding my company, finishing up some electronics on the truck, building a garage and always working towards that next adventure.