Age: 30
Profession: Process Development Engineer
Offroading experience: 1 year
Vehicle: 2014 Toyota Tacoma Off-road DCSB; 
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Interests: Hiking, trail running, backpacking
Favorite Spot: Ouray/Telluride area in the San Juans
I'm a Colorado transplant hailing from the deep South of Louisiana where I was born and raised and educated (we use that word lightly in the south). Received a Bachelor's of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Louisiana Tech in 2009. During undergrad, my hobbies included work as a bartender, and riding motorcycles. I rode a 2008 GSXR 1000 for nearly 4 years and participated in several track days. This is where my love of wrenching began! In 2011, I moved to Colorado for graduate school at CSU. I finished up my Master’s in Biomedical Engineering in 2013, and started working at a pharmaceutical company in Fort Collins a couple months later. I am currently a Process Development Engineer at the same company, living in Windsor, CO with my wife and 2 pups.
I joined up with the NKB degenerates in early 2017 and immediately became intoxicated with the overlanding lifestyle. I was already an avid hiker and trail runner for a few years, but didn't travel too far from northern Colorado. After a few adventures with the NKB group, I started trying my hand at planning some solo adventures utilizing the trip planning skills that I had picked up on through the months. My first big solo trip was Rimrocker Trail from Moab, UT to Montrose, CO. After that, I was officially hooked. Spare time was spent planning for my next trip or coordinating WITH the NKB crew for group trips to the far reaches of Colorado.
My current build on my truck is a minimal style concept that I enjoy, but has some changes in store over the next year. My only performance addition to my rig is the full suspension upgrade to the Bilstein 6112 front shocks and coilovers and the 5160 rears with resis. That paired with some decent Toyo AT2 tires have served me very well even on some rather demanding trails. I have enough confidence in my rig to get to the places that I want to explore (common sense and good judgement go a long way)!
As I mentioned above, my love of Colorado extends outside the realm of overlanding. I also thoroughly enjoy hiking, backpacking, trail running, and plan to get more into snowshoeing and cross country skiing. I love to plan trips that have a healthy mixture of off-roading, camping, and hiking. It's not uncommon for me to over-plan for a trip, having too many activities to do and not enough time! It's always an adventure!!