It all started when...

Josh was out scouting campsites in his Jeep JKU for Memorial Day in late March of 2016. Unable to continue to Chinn's Lake as three still-unidentified Yotas were parked in the middle of the trail (an omen), he decided to head towards Loch Lomond.

While lamenting about the inconvenience on the way out, he saw another Jeeper approaching. He rolled down the window and let Thing 2 (Zach) know that the trail was blocked off. Josh mentioned the plan to hit Loch Lomond, and that it might be worth checking out.

Not half an hour later, as Josh pulled into Loch Lomond's trailhead, he saw the same Jeep stuck in a giant drift. The winch came out, and the two ended up trading numbers, then decided it was still too snowy to get any meaningful time out in the area. They hit Beaujo's for lunch and decided to link up for another run soon. Soon enough, the two were out poking around on day trips and overnights in Gilpin, El Paso, and Clear Creek County.



Flash forward to August of '16, and things had begun to truly take shape. Josh had decided that it was time to establish something homegrown; a club that would bring together the overlanding, offroading, and general outdoor recreation that Colorado offers in droves. No Known Boundaries ran its official inaugural run to Slaughterhouse Gulch on 8/28/16, with Nick being the first oncoming member to join Josh and Zach.



By the end of November, another run had been done through Cumberland Gulch and Yankee Hill, along with a few open meets at local breweries. Come March '17, the core of the team had clearly been established, and the first true overland trip was completed in Utah. To date, NKB members have been in the backcountry in every state west of the Dakotas, and even western Canada. Our adventures have no offseason, and we will continue to push past the normal conventions of when, where, and how exploring is done. 



No Known Boundaries is proud to offer our expertise and experience as trail guides and consultants in all things outdoors. Whether that’s in the rigs, on single track, or humping around on the saddle of a 14er. We are engineers, students, businessmen, and technicians coming together to group our outside knowledge with our off-road ability. 

We desire the opportunity to volunteer for trail cleanups, contribute to off-road guide aggregates, and participate in community meets. We seek to be accommodating to all comers, while also offering a "real deal" experience to those interested in joining us. The collective decades of off-road, camping, hunting, hiking, mountain-biking, shooting, and beer-drinking experience will prove to be unrivaled by any other group one may come across. Pull up a camp chair (or deadfall stump) and join us.