Age: 26

Profession: College Student. Former Recon Marine

Vehicle: 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road (the Mystery Machine);

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Interests: Racing Downhill Mountain bikes. Shooting guns. Hiking. Skydiving. My pup. And my wife, Mackenzie.

Favorite Spot: Anywhere the cell don’t talk.

Hi, I’m Patch. Growing up, my family spent every summer weekend camping and boating. My childhood was littered with outdoor activities. Being a Recon Marine meant spending even more days under the stars, away from the comfort of my bed. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I moved to Colorado with the goal of continuing that lifestyle, and of course, shredding my mountain bikes whenever I can. I lacked any sort of off-roading experience when I first joined the crew. Learning from those who grew up banging their trucks around, I’ve come to realize the amazing ability our vehicles have to take us to remote locations. Every trip presents a learning experience, but with those experiences comes amazing views and hilarious campfire talks. I’m stoked to continue to get out and enjoy this wild world.